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Burberry Social Retail


A pioneering new social retail store born from our founder Thomas Burberry’s spirit of innovation. Powered by Tencent, it occupies, the space between the physical and social worlds. A store of tomorrow for today that connects and rewards our community as they explore in person and online.


10 month ( Launched in 2020 Summer )

My Role as an UX Lead:

1. Align on business goal with stakeholders.
2. Partner with Tencent for user research and understand the tech opportunities.
3. Align key features with stakeholders.
4. Lead the user journey for both online and offline.
5. Lead the Product Design team to design both WeChat mini program and WeChat Work mini program.
6. Work closely with dev team for the final delivery.
7. Train store members for the best customer experience.

User research with Tencent 

Partner with Tencent for the user research after stakeholders have the initial ideas about what kind of features we should put into the Social retail store.


High level User Journey

Align high level user journey with stakeholders.

1. Customer online to offline - From visiting WeChat mini program all the way to visit the Social Retail store in Shenzen.

2. Customer offline to online - From visiting the Social Retail store then encourage user to visit WeChat mini program.

3. Sales Agency's journey - How Sales Agency can support / enrich customer's online and offline experience by using WeChat Work mini program.

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Lead the design team on detailed UXUI design

Two major platform, one is WeChat mini program and the other is WeChat Work mini program. The WeChat mini program has 4 key features:

1. Introduce customers to the Retail store like they are physically there. 

2. Booking features - Booking for fitting room, Cafe, VIP trench room.

3. Interaction with Facade when customers is in the store.

4. Learn more about our product when scanning QR code in the store.

For the WeChat Work mini program, we want the sales agency can easily and efficiently support our customers before they visit the store, like help customer book room. When customers are in store, SA can suggest out product more precisely because SA has learn more about the customers before they walk in to the store.

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Please experience it and hope you are enjoy it

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