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Brief: CATCHPLAY was founded in 2007 and it's the #1 theatrical and DVD distributor in Taiwan. In In 2015, CATCHPLAY established AsiaPlay Inc. with the ambition to become Asia's largest movie content service provider. Our first mission was to build an international content service platform.

Timeline: 6 months

Process: User interviews, Contextual Inquiry, Wireframing, User Testing, Product Launching

My Role: During the project, I was responsible for creating user flow, wireframe, user interface, prototype, collaborate with engineers to deliver the product, and help stakeholders create Keynote for the press release. 

User Interviews

We kicked off the project with interviewing 5 hard-core movie lovers, who watch a movie almost every day, to get user insights and form our value framework.

"I read articles from movie critics. For me, the reviews are more important than ratings"

Insight: knowledgeable, entertaining

"I use lots of online streaming services, if I can't find what I want in 5 mins, I'll leave."

Insight: easy to find, fun to explore

"I share and recommend movies to my significant one and my family."

Insight: easy to share, to who/whom you care

"It's hard to browse one hand with iPad portrait mode when I'm commuting."

Insight: anticipate, intuitive, smart

"I watch movies recommended by IMDB, or most popular and new released."

Insight: easy to find, fun to explore

After getting so many insights, we found that many of them are leading to 4 characteristics and these core values of our product are:


After identifying our core values, we can start brainstorming about the features we want to put in our product.

How we want this product to be like


With value frame and key features established, we began sketching interface screens.


Using our rough sketches as a guide, me and the other designer developed a set of wireframes.

UI & Prototyping

I and my teammate started polishing each screen and it's my responsibility to figure out the transitions between each screen. I used Framer js for prototyping to increase the speed of communicating with engineers and inner testing.

User Testing

Before launching our product, we ran 2-3 user testings. Based on the feedbacks from the users, we added some of the features in our product roadmap.

Product Launching

Now our service is available in Taiwan, Singapore, Indonesia, and others to come. Every time we launch our service in a new country we'll have a press conference and my job is to work with our stakeholder to prepare the Keynote. The real challenge comes after launching, but with handful user data and feedbacks, we iterate our product fast and with confident. The design process will never end.

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