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User Interview

We arranged interviews with users love to watch movies on smart tv to find out what do they love and hate about watching on big screen. Most of them had similar answer.


Brief: TV's user behavior is very different from desktop and mobile devices. Our mission was to create an even easier interface for the users, to minimize the key in works and leave the necessary ones to desktop and mobile devices. So the key is to create a seamless experience between tv and desktop or mobile devices.

Timeline: 6 weeks

Process: User Interview, Wireframe, Coordinate with Engineers

My Role: Interview with users to understand their behavior while watching TV. After getting insight from the users, my responsibility was to generate user flow and wireframe, then worked with engineers to deliver the final product.

"It's a better experience to watch movies on big screen, except the key in information using the remote."

- male, 35 years old, engineer

Goal#1: Simplify the process that required type in information. 


Once the goal is set, our team started to sketch and worked on user flow and wireframe.

The biggest difference for tv is the signup/login and purchasing process, the user can switch to desktop or mobile device to complete those processes.

Product Delivering

Based on the user flow and wireframe, next thing was to collaborate with engineers to make sure the switch between tv and desktop or mobile devices work seamlessly.

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